Jamal Taslaq

Jamal Taslaq

The high fashion designer Jamal Taslaq was born in 1970 in Nablus where the osmosis and the cohabitation of cultures and religions are part of the local tradition. At the age of just 10 years he discovers the world of high fashion visiting an atelier close to his childhood home together with his mother, where he is enraptured by the magic of creation while observing simple tissues become wedding dresses and regalia which give grace to the female body. To fascinate him are the working and the precious hand made embroidery which refine and embellish the fabrics following the body lines harmoniously and making it more graceful and female. At the age of just 19 he decides to follow his passion and chooses Italy recognizing it as the cradle of high fashion and home of an ancient culture based on the beauty and the enables craft. For 10 years he studies and gains experience by personally learning the techniques of haute couture and by absorbing the style and the Renaissance and Baroque culture of Florence and Rome. In July 1999 he opens his personal atelier in Via Veneto in the heart of Fellini Dolce Vita, while in 2000 he starts his adventure in the world of high fashion on the catwalks of AltaRoma together with the most acclaimed designers of the moment like Raffaella Curiel, Fausto Sarli, Elie Saab, Furstenberg, Renato Balestra and Zuhair Murad.

His creations meet the
refined taste of the sophisticated women from all over the world,
 thrilling Hollywood stars as well as Queen Ranya of Jordan, thanks to the
originality and uniqueness of his works from which shines through the 
fusion of the two cultures in an extraordinary and uncommon style.
 Among the preciousness of the oriental embroideries and the Italian enable s
tailoring, Taslaq's style is able to harmonize the atmosphere, the
 colours, the emotions of his land of origin with the modernity, the
 elegance and the sophisticated taste of the Made in Italy tradition.
 The wedding dresses of Jamal Taslaq as well as all of his creations are
 uncommon thanks to his seductive originality and to a romantic taste of 
yesteryear. The absolute elegance of the evening dresses exalts the
femininity with sinuous lines embellished by embroideries, lace and 
leather inlays entirely hand made based on original design.
 From the choice of the tissues to the materials to embellish the fabrics as
well as the entire processing of the dresses is exclusively Italian, made 
in the personal atelier in Rome by embroideries and dressmakers with
 decades of experience. 
The designer prefers to meet his customers personally to absorb and fully understand the peculiar characteristics of their personality, in order to 
design an exclusive model which exalts the character and the harmonious.

Jamal Taslaq

Through his creations he expresses the strong link to his county, Palestine, and spreads a message of peace. He translated this message in his first international fashion show which took place in Ramallah in March 2011. The highlight dress of the show, wore by a Palestinian model, was in red, white, black and green, the colors of the Palestinian flag and the hairdo was made of olive branches, symbol of peace.

For me this show represented both a point of departure and arrival because for the first time I was able to bring to Palestine, my country, and Palestinans, my art. At the same time, I felt especially proud because I was also able to bring Italy, my adoptive country, to my country of origin”, said Jamal. “I added the hairstyle with olive branches as a symbol of Palestine and the whole Mediterranean region, as well as a symbol of hope for peace for our land”.

In 2015, a fashion show by Jamal Taslaq was organized at UN Headquarters on the occasion of the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”. Dresses included embroderies by Palestinian women and the bridal gown was sawed with pearls made of olives harvested by Jamal himself in Palestine. Previosly, Jamal presented his creations at the Palestinian Embassy in Rome, closing his show with seven dresses in the seven colors of the “peace flag”.